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(330) 482-5323
Call Us Today
(330) 482-5323

Sewer & Drain

Mission Statement

To provide the best service available through prompt, professional courteous technicians who have been trained to the highest standards. All work will be guaranteed against failure. We will answer your calls. We will maintain the highest standards possible and strive to keep pricing down. We will never forget that we are from here, that we live among our customers, and that we care about our community.

“Why not call the big guys?”

They won’t give you a price over the phone, they keep coming back for the same problem and then they give an outrageous price to fix it. They say they’re the best, but you don’t know. You’re confused, upset, frustrated and you’re not sure.

STOP: You Have Options

We understand you may not know understand what's going on. We will walk you through the process. A lot of the time, we can open the lines that the other companies (you know, the big national names) say need replacing. “Well they cost more, so they must be better," you might think. But, they cost more because someone sitting at a desk hundreds of miles away has to be paid as well. When a large percentage of the bill has to be sent to the head office, it drives up costs. Also, their technicians work on commission— enough said.

“Why call us?”

Simple: WE CARE

We know that if we do the best job possible, you will recommend us to your family, friends and neighbors. We use the latest equipment available. We will put the biggest cutter possible down the line.

Above all, we will not push unnecessary work so that we can improve our bottom line. We know full well that our bottom line will be fine, as long as we take care of you.


(330) 482-5323

PO Box 364
Columbiana, OH 44408


We are available 24 hours
a day, 7days a week.