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Call Us Today
(330) 482-5323


Welcome to Sewer & Drain Medic, serving Mahoning and Columbiana Counties. Most basement water problems can be solved without massive excavating inside or outside of your home, and that’s why we are here to help and service you. We specialize in smaller jobs. Please browse our Web site to see what we can offer you.

Why Waterproof Your Basement?

Improving your home continues to be your smartest investment…but ONLY if the solution is permanent.

How much sense does it make:

  • To devote up to 50% of your monthly mortgage payment to space that can’t be used…
  • To not fix the problem now…
  • To not realize that your home is worth less now…
  • To prolong an inevitable repair expense…

“92% of prospective homebuyers wouldn’t even considera house with a wet basement.”

— Practical Homeowners Magazine


(330) 482-5323

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